Error 0xd00000bb installing WMF 4.0 on an RODC


If you try to install KB2819745 (WMF 4.0) on a Windows 2008 R2 Read-Only Domain Controller (RODC),
and after the server reboots the screen shows "Failure configuring Windows updates Reverting changes . Do not turn off your computer"


It means there was an error during the installation at the reboot phase, so it’s rolled back.

The most common error for this is 0xd00000bb (Event ID 20), and it is because the installation tried to add a local group, and since the server is an RODC, it doesn't have a local SAM to be written and it results in an HRESULT_FROM_NT(STATUS_NOT_SUPPORTED) error.

The solution to this, is to install KB3020369 and KB3020370 before installing KB2819745. (There is no need to restart the computer between the updates).