Remove Azure Hybrid Connection objects

There is currently no cmdlet to easily remove an Azure Hybrid Connection object (from an App Service Plan).
So in a case you need to remove several connection objects, doing it from the protal is tedious.

This is why I created the following script:

# Login to Azure
# Select a specific subscription for the context
Get-AzureRmSubscription | Out-GridView -PassThru -Title 'Select Subscription' | Select-AzureRmSubscription
# Get all the Hybrid Connections from all namespaces in all resource groups
$hybridConnections = Get-AzureRmResource -ResourceType Microsoft.Relay/namespaces | ForEach-Object {
$resourceGroupName = $_.ResourceGroupName
Get-AzureRmRelayHybridConnection -ResourceGroupName $resourceGroupName -Namespace $namespace.Name | ForEach-Object {
$resourceName = '{0}/{1}' -f ($_.Id -split '/')[-3,-1]
Get-AzureRmResource -ResourceGroupName $resourceGroupName -ResourceType Microsoft.Relay/Namespaces/HybridConnections `
-ApiVersion 2016-07-01 -ResourceName $resourceName | Select-Object @{N='ResourceGroupName';E={$resourceGroupName}},
# Ask which connection to delete
$hybridConnections | Out-GridView -PassThru -Title 'Select the Hybrid Connections you want to delete' | ForEach-Object {
Remove-AzureRmResource -ResourceGroupName $resourceGroupName -ResourceType Microsoft.Relay/Namespaces/HybridConnections `
-ApiVersion 2016-07-01 -ResourceName $_.ResourceName -Force